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English Literature Online Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses for Returning Teachers and Subject Changers

Course content

Key Concept Lectures

  • Critical reading and comprehension
  • Evaluating and comparing texts
  • Writing clearly and coherently about literature


  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Reading Shakespeare
  • Macbeth: Plot and structure
  • Macbeth: Understanding context
  • Macbeth: Analysing themes
  • Macbeth: Analysing characters
  • Macbeth: Analysing structure
  • Macbeth: Analysing verse
  • Macbeth: Analysing Language
  • Macbeth: Exam technique

Modern Drama

  • Introduction to Modern Drama
  • An Inspector Calls: Plot and structure
  • An Inspector Calls: Understanding context
  • An Inspector Calls: Analysing themes
  • An Inspector Calls: Analysing characters
  • An Inspector Calls: Analysing structure and key scenes
  • An Inspector Calls: Exam technique

19th Century Literature

  • An Introduction to 19th Century Literature
  • A Christmas Carol: Plot and structure
  • A Christmas Carol: Understanding Context
  • A Christmas Carol: Analysing Themes
  • A Christmas Carol: Analysing Characters
  • A Christmas Carol: Analysing Language
  • A Christmas Carol: Analysing Structure
  • A Christmas Carol: Exam Technique

Poetry (anthology)

  • An introduction to poetry
  • Poetic techniques - language
  • Poetic techniques - structure
  • Comparing two anthology poems
  • Approaching exam questions

Unseen Poetry (EdExcel/AQA)

  • Approaching unseen poetry
  • Analysing language in unseen poetry
  • Analysing structure in unseen poetry
  • Comparing unseen poetry

Modern Fiction

  • Introduction to Modern Fiction
  • Lord of the Flies: Plot and structure
  • Lord of the Flies: Understanding context
  • Lord of the Flies: Analysing themes
  • Lord of the Flies: Analysing characters
  • Lord of the Flies: Analysing symbols and allusions
  • Lord of the Flies: Exam technique