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Our courses

VIDLEARN® is the UK’s leading provider of Distance Learning Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses for those who are thinking of training to teach, in-service teachers and those returning to teaching.

We have combined our online SKE Courses with our huge bank of online lessons to produce the most comprehensive courses available for those returning to teaching and subject changers. The resources are so detailed that they will enable you to pick up a GCSE syllabus at any point and start teaching the subject!

Virtual Lessons (VL), included with these courses, are a new innovation for schools, giving them access to a bank of online GCSE resources that cover every aspect of every lesson contained in each GCSE Curriculum.

Flexibility to suit you

You can start these courses at any time. There is a flexible point of completion and you will received an end of course statement very closely detailing your experience and progress throughout the course. However, the content is usable immediately in the classroom and available from day one.

Course structure

Our courses are based on the latest DfE specifications and built around an ordered collection of online resources designed to steer you through the topics at GCSE level.

The course syllabus is grouped into a series of interactive key concept videos that allow you to quickly understand all of the main topics included in the specification. These videos are supported by core texts and include relevant activities to allow you to practice your subject to a level that suits you.

Your progress is assessed during the course via a combination of Assessments, Audits, Summaries and Reflections, which help you identify areas of strength and areas for development.

Your course will also be supported by a dedicated tutor who will help you at a level and frequency that suits your needs. Your tutor will also mark your assignments, give feedback and provide dedicated individual tutorials if necessary.

Underpinning all of this is Virtual Lessons. A complete example of every lesson taught in your chosen specialist subject with comprehensive supporting resourcses that get you teaching the subject in no time.

Virtual Lessons

You will have access to our new Virtual Lesson (VL) resources. These resources are delivered by experienced practicing teachers and provide a great contrast to the main recordings. Virtual Lessons is a truly innovative way to experience how a topic is taught and experience all of the components that make up the lesson. We have the complete GCSE curriculum covered with VL in our SKE subjects.

1. Pupil Pack

Pupil packs are delivered in modules with a 4 page section dedicated to each lesson. Pupil packs follow each lesson exactly and include starter activities, key subject content that mirrors the presentation, group activities.

2. Lesson Content

Interactive Video

Downloadable Presentation

3. Teacher Pack

Scheme of Work

Teacher Information Pack

Pupil Pack

We offer GCSE courses in the following subjects:

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